Data Breach - Hannaford reports data breach involving 4.2 million accounts

March 18, 2008
Hannaford Brothers on Monday announced about 4.2 million credit and debit card numbers were exposed because of a security breach. Investigators said the breach has led to about 1,800 cases of fraud and has affected Hannaford stores in the Northeast, Sweetbay stores in Florida and a few other independent groceries. Hannaford said it has taken steps to enhance its network security capabilities and has warned its clients about suspicious transactions. Credit - USA TODAY/Associated PressCredit card fraud continues to soar. Many times it is due to the lack of security procedures of the retailer. I very recently had my own brush with credit card fraud. In my business I travel and frequently (every week) review my online credit card and bank statements. In Feb., 2008 I found where a gobal hotel chain charged two nights to my card when I had not stayed there. I did stay, for one night, back in November, 2007 and was correctly charged for my room and meals.I contested the charge, called the local police, and notified my bank. Little did they know who they were messing with. Turns out an employee had dug out my old record and decided to charge the card and take cash from the register.I tried several times to call the hotel and speak with the Manager, but was put off every time, he never returned any of my messages. Guess who took my money?I guess the lesson of this story is to constantly check your statements and review the charges. I have friends that never check their statement and rely on the monthly bank statement as being accurate - pitty the fool.Curtis Baillie - Principal Consultant  Security Consulting Strategies LLC