Sensormatic partners with Thruvision to deliver people screening security solutions to retailers

May 30, 2024
Thruvision’s cameras and scanning software complement Sensormatic Solutions loss prevention solutions portfolio.

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland, May 29, 2024 – Sensormatic Solutions, the global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls,, today announced its partnership with Thruvision, a global provider of walk-through security screening technology, which will enable next-generation people screening to become more accessible to retailers around the world.

Using passive terahertz camera technology, Thruvision’s cameras and scanning software complement Sensormatic Solutions loss prevention solutions portfolio and will provide retailers with a fast, respectful and reliable people-screening option in distribution centers and other logistics facilities to address and help reduce internal shrink. Thruvision’s offering is available now through Sensormatic Solutions.

“The discussion about retail theft often focuses on sales floors and through the organized retail crime (ORC) lens, but internal theft is a growing problem. According to research we conducted with Retail Economics (published Nov. 2023), 40% of the total value of theft is attributable to employees. Additionally, retailers have seen an increase in employee theft over the past year, and 70% state they’ve seen an increase in distribution centers,” said Colin Evans, chief executive officer, Thruvision. “Sensormatic Solutions’ extensive retail expertise, global footprint and proven record of delivering cutting-edge loss prevention solutions made it a natural fit for helping us reach more retailers in need of our technology. We look forward to working alongside the team to help retailers address this fast-growing driver of shrink.”

Thruvision’s patented passive terahertz camera technology is capable of detecting items and their size, location and shape that may be hidden under clothing at distances of up to 7 meters. The company’s proprietary terahertz camera scanners and AI-powered software can detect metallic and non-metallic items — including weapons and explosives as well as stolen property — as people enter and exit company property, helping to speed up search processes and improve security check performance. Importantly, the technology is designed to emit no radiation, capture no anatomical detail and does not identify the age, gender or ethnicity of those being screened, ensuring a safe and compliant environment.

Technology benefits may include: 

  • A significant reduction in internal losses.
  • Increased revenue and operational efficiencies. 
  • Improved associate experiences resulting in higher employee satisfaction. 
  • Enhancements to product availability, which can reduce out-of-stocks and improve customer experiences.

“Helping retailers overcome their most pressing obstacles is the driving force behind all of our decisions — both when it comes to new solutions and strategic partnerships,” said Craig Szklany, vice president of loss prevention and inventory intelligence, Sensormatic Solutions. “We were impressed with Thruvision’s innovation and creative approach to addressing a tricky problem and appreciated their focus on safety and respect in the people-screening process. I am confident that this partnership will allow us to help retailers protect their distribution centers, logistics facilities and more with as much precision as they do their sales floors while improving customer and employee experiences.”

Thruvision’s contact-free SmartSCREEN and DynamicDETECT solutions in tandem with Sensormatic Solutions holistic and innovative portfolio of loss prevention technologies can help businesses mitigate losses whether they originate on sales floors or behind the scenes. Sensormatic Solutions leading inventory intelligence, shopper experience and computer vision solutions can also help give retailers even more peace of mind that their associates, shoppers, facilities and products are safe and secure.

To learn more about Sensormatic Solutions loss prevention offerings and the benefits of blended loss prevention programs, visit Sensormatic Solutions – Loss Prevention and Liability. To learn more about Thruvision’s people screening solutions, visit