Webinar: The New Normal - How COVID-19 Has Forever Altered Security Risk and Corporate Security

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the corporate world as we know it. As quarantines were enforced on a global scale, an unprecedented number of office-based workers started working from home. With a few months of this “new reality” now under our belt and with companies seeing they can maintain productivity with a remote workforce, it’s becoming clear this seismic shift isn’t just a temporary measure. What do security and risk executives need to envision going forward?  What will be different? What will be the same? What risks will evaporate or remain? What risks will transfer from the company office to the home office? For example, technology and organizational culture will need to be more integrated.

The one thing that is clear is adjustments will need to be made to the organization’s risk register, and security programs and services. In this webinar the Security Executive Council (SEC) will be sharing their latest research on Reimagining Risk and Security™ post-COVID-19.  This includes a process to assess what changes need to be made to programs such as investigations, SOC/GSOC, protecting personnel, and workplace violence.  The SEC will provide examples of new challenges for these programs and services, as well as others. They will also discuss remote worker security guidelines and evolving roles and responsibilities.

Pre-event reading materials: The SEC has an ongoing public service project called Orchestrating Success by Sharing with All. As a part of this, they have posted security related COVID-19 resources and strategic program considerations created by their top subject matter experts with significant experience in this area. Resources cover issues such as risk assessments, return to work readiness, access control, cyberattacks, duty of care, GSOC considerations, and more. Click here for more information.