RSPNDR makes its U.S. debut

Sept. 20, 2021
Alarm response technology connects monitoring stations to guards in just one click
Rspndr Logo

Toronto, Canada (September, 16, 2021) — RSPNDR, a new technology company, has created a service connecting monitoring stations with active alarms to on-demand mobile guard units. Verification and Police deprioritization has led to delayed or nonexistent responses. Traditional guard services are labor intensive and inefficient. RSPNDR solves both problems with proven success in Canada and is now expanding into select US markets.

When alarms are triggered, end-users expect a fast response. Unfortunately, this is not the reality. Police have deprioritized response to un-verified alarms. Traditional guard services can take hours and when they do, there’s no visibility to status or accountability on completing threat or safety verification. 

These service issues have been broken in the security industry for a long time and are getting worse. This disruptive software solution will drive efficiency where there’s been hesitation to change or adapt to new technologies.

RSPNDR software removes archaic systems and automates key end-to-end processes to connect guards to alarms faster, in fewer steps. Monitoring stations have full transparency into the progression of guard response with real-time tracking, digital reports on status and photo documentation for full accountability.

Without employing guards or owning patrol vehicles, RSPNDR partners with local licensed guard companies to deliver alarm response demand. By generating dispatch needs, guards spend less time waiting and more time serving customers, so guard companies that join the program become more productive and profitable. The app tracks, monitors and holds guards accountable while providing reporting and analytics.

Guards can arrive on-site before a monitoring station can even connect to a traditional dispatch center by phone. The platform algorithmically pings the guard that’ll be able to respond first. As average response times have decreased, more monitoring and guard companies are requesting to join the program.

“The value that we provide helps Monitoring Stations, Alarm Companies and Guard Companies generate more recurring revenue by adding Guards as a Service, while connecting active alarms with otherwise unoccupied guard units and giving end-users a higher level of safety, security and peace-of-mind,” says Frank Pietrobono, SVP of Sales and Business Development for RSPNDR.


A venture-backed Startup, RSPNDR has had great success since starting out only 4 years ago, establishing a presence in every major city in Canada while demand in the US grows. The platform delivers a dramatically faster alarm response time by automating key end-to-end processes. With this time savings comes increased profitability for monitoring companies. RSPNDR is currently operating in Las Vegas, California, Washington, Phoenix and Tucson. The next select areas planned for expansion include Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Illinois and Wisconsin.