Mace to partner with First Sign Technologies

July 10, 2014
MACE Awear products have sensors in everyday objects to automatically detect criminal and medical emergencies, call for help and collect evidence

CLEVELAND, OH – July 9, 2014 – Mace Security International, an iconic security brand best known for their pepper spray, will be partnering with an innovative technology start-up to rapidly accelerate the paradigm shift in personal security. Combining cutting-edge security products with traditional options will create the most advanced, realistic, and comprehensive solution.
MACE Awear™ will be synonymous with wearable security and innovation. An open ecosystem of wearable security products under the brand name MACE Awear™ will operate on a standard platform. Third-party device makers can apply to be part of the MACE Awear™ ecosystem and have a turnkey solution for a centralized mobile application, monitoring, access to over a dozen patent-pending innovations, sales, distribution, integration with traditional security systems, and much more. 
Consumers will have a one-stop shop for a comprehensive security solution. A variety of wearable security devices designed for different consumer preferences and types of attacks, non-lethal defense products, traditional home security systems, one mobile app and monitoring center for all devices, and training will provide consumers a comprehensive personal security solution. 
“Our goal is to become a $100 million brand,” says John McCann, MACE’s CEO. “Our brand recognition is similar to Nike, Coca-Cola and some of the bigger players. MACE Awear™ is just one of the many ways we are going to deliver shareholder value as we transform our brand image from pepper spray to technology.” 
First Sign Technologies has started development or filed patents on over a dozen innovative security products. First Sign recently launched the first-ever hair accessory that serves as an automatic personal security system against violent crimes. The MACE Awear™ Headband & Hair Clip are smart wearable devices worn in the hair or clipped on clothing that works with a mobile app to automatically call for help and to collect evidence at the first sign of trauma in an emergency situation. This mobile security device is the only solution of its kind that has the capability to identify, deter, apprehend, and prosecute attackers.
See how MACE Awear™ Headband & Hair Clip works in this infographic HERE.
“This is a gender-biased product because the crime is gender-biased. Violence against women is far too common and this is the first solution to not only be automatic, but to focus on increasing the prosecution rate,” says Rachel Emanuele, co-founder, First Sign Technologies. “The MACE Awear™  Headband & Hair Clip can be used in many different situations to protect you – when dating, walking at night, exercising alone, traveling, to protect kids against bullying, conducting a Craigslist transaction with a stranger, and many more.”
The MACE Awear™ Headband & Hair Clip’s alarm is activated when a violent attack is detected by the device’s embedded accelerometer and gyroscope. It then uses a Bluetooth-paired cell phone to collect more evidence and call for help while the phone’s speaker lets the attacker know that “evidence has been collected and help is on the way.”  
Features of the MACE Awear Headband & Hair Clip include:
Automatic Alarm: Working with the user’s smartphone, the MACE Awear™ Headband & Hair Clip triggers an alarm that alerts professional security personnel at the first sign of violent movement using its gyroscope and accelerometer. 
Evidence Collection: Evidence is immediately collected once the alarm is activated. A microphone on the device transmits audio evidence while it connects via Bluetooth to the user’s phone to access its camera, GPS, speaker, and cell signal. The evidence is streamed to the professional security monitoring station so all evidence will remain available to prosecutors even if the phone is destroyed.  
Lifestyle Friendly and Fashionable: The hair clip can be worn discretely concealed under the hair, as a fashion accessory, or clipped on the body somewhere close. Either way, the clip is “out of sight and out of mind,” but it will never stop working for you. There is a 15-second window to deactivate it in the rare case of a false alarm.  
MACE Security International and First Sign Technologies are on the cutting-edge of combating society’s ills through technological innovations. For more information, go to or