Parking Focus: Surveillance to the Rescue

Oct. 2, 2013
Sell your customers on video’s ability to curb parking incidents

For years, surveillance systems have recorded thefts and other incidents at parking locations for future investigation. Now, video can be used to stop those incidents as they happen.

To do this, integrators need to quit thinking of surveillance systems as simply repositories of what’s been seen and recorded and, instead, think of cameras as sensors in a system. Today’s video systems enable your customers to stop incidents before they happen by screening for abnormal behavior such as people hanging around the lot, running or meeting in groups. Make sure you land the sale — discuss these potential parking surveillance solutions with your customer.

Surveillance technology can enable your customers to document every car and driver that enters and leaves the structure. To act as a deterrent, position the cameras in plain sight. As a result of this simple step, your customer will dramatically reduce car theft and shrink vandalism incidents.

Use four basic strategies when placing the cameras. First, at each entrance and exit, have the surveillance system capture the car, the license plate and the face of the driver, going both in and out of the garage. The recorded images provide a record of who was driving the car, a great help in determining claims of theft. If there was a theft, the system captures the face of the perpetrator.

Second, have cameras cover all main driveways in and out on all floors. It is at the turn points where most accidents occur, and a system can alert your customer if this happens. With the recorded video, there is documentation of who was at fault, a great help to careful drivers and their insurance companies.

Third, have cameras record video on all down ramps. This is where the majority of vandalism incidents occur. Again, the system can alert your customers’ security staffs; and, with a clear image of the perpetrator, law enforcement is provided a tool to convict the vandal.

Fourth, put cameras in stairwells if applicable — this is where assaults and other crimes can occur.

Allan Markoff is CEO of PRD International, manufacturer of Polaroid Professional Security Solutions.


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Allan Markoff

Allan Markoff is CEO of PRD International, manufacturer of Polaroid Professional Security Solutions.