The transformation of transport hub surveillance

Oct. 15, 2018
New technology allows for enhanced situational awareness, improved detection and more rapid response

Editor's note: The following article is sponsored advertising content from Pelco by Schneider Electric. 

Last week, the Canaveral Port Authority was awarded $1.49 million in federal and state grants to enhance its security operations and cybersecurity systems. The port was one of 35 U.S. ports that received grants through FEMA’s $100 million Port Security Grant Program to protect critical port infrastructure, improve risk management and support maritime security protocols. With seaports accounting for more than one-quarter of the nation’s economy it is imperative to protect critical port infrastructure and surrounding areas with quality surveillance solutions.

Considering the size and locations of transport hubs, areas of vulnerability can be overwhelming. This makes it vital for operation teams to invest in the latest technology to improve situation awareness, deter vandalism, theft or other crime, accelerate response and management decision and increase overall public and staff safety like Pelco’s latest release, the Spectra Professional IR. The Spectra Professional IR is a rugged, outdoor surveillance camera with dynamic viewing capabilities allow for wide areas, such as airports and seaports, to be carefully monitored.

Four key features of the new Spectra Professional IR camera that should convince all transportation hubs to upgrade their software:

"Above the Horizon"

The Spectra Professional IR can view 15 degrees above the horizon that enables operation teams to see areas that are difficult to view from traditional mounting locations. The “above the horizon” feature provides greater coverage of bridges, overpasses, and building exteriors without the burden of mounting additional cameras. For ports, this means ships are better seen at a distance from seaport.

Illumination and Digital Image Stabilizer

For discreet, lowlight, or nighttime recording, infrared surveillance cameras are a huge asset providing transport hubs visuals outdated pan–tilt–zoom systems can’t provide. Spectra Professional IR is equipped with built-in IR illumination on areas of interest such as roadways, ports, parking lots, and building perimeters up to 150 meters away. The technology also provides control of the illumination intensity and exposure in the camera. This enables people and vehicles to be tracked with clarity wherever they move in the field of coverage, near or far. Reducing blur associated with camera motion, the digital image stabilizer feature maintains a smooth image. This is ideal for surveilling transport hub areas affected by high vehicle traffic or strong winds like bridges and light poles.

Smart Compression

For round-the-clock surveillance of transport hubs, file compression is critical for proper video storage. Featuring H.265 compression and Pelco’s Smart Compression technology, the Spectra Professional IR lowers bandwidth and storage requirements between 30 and 70 percent, depending on the amount of motion in the scene. H.265 compression is the latest and most efficient video compression codec. It works by analyzing motion occurring within the live video and compresses information teams don’t need while retaining details with clear quality in areas of importance.

Simple Installation

Using only one wire to connect, the Spectra Professional IR comes with three power options and an embedded hinge design, making it easy to connect to and providing greater flexibility during installation. The cameras fully integrate with Pelco’s VideoXpert and ONVIF-Compliant Video Management Systems. For transport hub teams, this seamless integration with video management systems means they can easily track moving objects within a scene and zoom in for greater detail.

Public safety is a top priority and Pelco supports the efforts of transport hubs across the country to update systems with quality security management and intelligent video surveillance technologies. Contact us to review your current system or to learn more about our multi-disciplined security approach.

Check out the Spectra Professional IR video here: