Report: Home networks migrate to high income households

Aug. 12, 2008
New research shows that only most wealthy are adopting home networks

According to a report released this week by MultiMedia Intelligence, only the most affluent households are installing home networks.

The report states that four of every 10 U.S. home networks installed in 2007 were in upper class homes and that about 15 percent of home networks existed in houses of those whose income were in the top 5 percent in the nation.

In a prepared statement, Mark Kirstein, president of MultiMedia Intelligence, called the correlation between home network installation and household income "uncanny," adding that nearly all other demographic factors "pale by comparison."

Among the reports other findings include:

• Homeowners who are broadband subscribers are more likely to adopt home networks. • On the east and west coasts, there is heavy concentration of home networks in metropolitan and suburban settings.
• The age of the homeowner is not that much of a factor.
• Asian household adopt home networking and Internet Video higher than the average. Latinos have also shown strong propensity for adopting home networks.
• and, computing-based home network owners, combined with Internet video usage, provide a strong indicator of the next-generation’s target consumer.