The Systems Depot to Carry Xantech Products

Oct. 19, 2006
Infrared remote products powerhouse's full line to be delivered through The Systems Depot

Hickory, N.C. – The Systems Depot recently added Xantech products to its distribution line. Xantech is known for pioneering IR products, leading to the patent of remote control extension systems in 1983 and the sell of over one million systems worldwide. Xantech’s full product line includes LCD controllers, amplifiers, IR receivers, remote control switchers, modules and connecting blocks, emitters, volume controls, and accessories.

The Systems Depot enthusiastically brought Xantech on board because “the products are vital to our industry and add something new to our business,” said Lara Keller, Vice President of Materials at The Systems Depot. “I think installers will really appreciate this line of products and we look forward to a very successful partnership.”

Xantech products are currently available from The Systems Depot. For more information, contact your Systems Depot representative, or visit Xantech online at