Trango Broadband Wireless Announces Price Reduction for Select NTSC/PAL Video Products

April 24, 2006
Trango drops prices on select video/audio transmitters, receivers, and wireless serial data radios

SAN DIEGO, CA — April 19, 2006 — Trango Broadband Wireless (, an industry leader in the high-performance wireless video products marketplace, announced today the reduced pricing of up to 40% for the Falcon PLUS 5.8 GHz Video/Audio Transmitters, the Falcon PLUS 5.8 GHz Video/Audio Receivers, and the SDR900H Wireless Serial Data Radios.

"With this new aggressive pricing, Trango is determined to substantially increase our market share in the wireless video security and surveillance market. This decision, in conjunction with our recent introduction of the 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz HD Mesh IP video platform, clearly positions Trango in the forefront of wireless Homeland Security solutions," said Zdravko Divjak, CEO and President of Trango Broadband Wireless.

The field-proven Falcon PLUS operates in the unlicensed 5.8 GHz ISM band and delivers high-resolution, real-time, full-motion video up to seven miles line-of-sight (LOS). The Falcon PLUS offers unmatched wireless video performance in a ready-to-install solution for hard-to-reach, remote PTZ or fixed cameras.

The frequency-hopping SDR900H is a wireless transmission system that allows one to control the pan, tilt, and zoom of a camera from 12 miles away (LOS). The SDR900H operates in the unlicensed 900 MHz ISM band using 25 hopping channels with 7 user-selectable sequences, allowing the system to operate exceptionally well even with other products operating in the same band. Eight-bit, user-selectable addressing further enhances its ability to address multiple systems in a single path or in a point-to-multi-point configuration. These high-performance features allow the SDR900H to fully integrate with the Falcon PLUS and the Eagle PLUS systems to provide a complete wireless security solution.