Vision Technology Awarded Grant from HSIEC

Sept. 20, 2006
Companies cameras offer high-res panoramic views at affordable price

EVANSTON, Ill.--Sept. 18, 2006--The Homeland Security Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Northwestern University (HSIEC), formed to catalyze the development of homeland defense and security technologies, products and services, announced it has awarded a Challenge Grant to Vision Technology, Inc., of Champaign, Ill. The grant, the 13th awarded by HSIEC since the center was formed in October 2005, was given in partnership with the Illini Entrepreneurship Center.

Vision Technology has developed two new families of cameras that capture high resolution, panoramic views at an affordable cost for government and business use. The company's Nicam camera, which has been awarded both U.S. and international patents, can provide seamless, uniform resolution panoramic images where all objects are in focus regardless of distance.

Vision Technology's hemispherical camera can show a hemispherical view captured at video rates with uniform resolution throughout the entire image. This is the first product of its kind that captures videos of a large field of view with a uniformly high resolution everywhere: in front and to the sides, without blind spots or blur. The camera has been awarded a U.S. patent.

"Up to now our efforts have been focused mainly on the technical aspects of building our products. The Challenge Grant and working with HSIEC will enable us to pursue to the fullest extent product market uses and directions," said Narendra Ahuja, president of Vision Technology.

In addition to homeland security applications, commercial applications include banks, casinos, supermarkets, photographers, corporate security and others.

"The ability to monitor infrastructure, events and other sensitive areas is critical to homeland safety and we're pleased to sponsor a company that provides solutions that are both reliable and cost effective," said Bret Johnson, director of HSIEC. This Challenge Grant is the final grant for the fiscal year. HSIEC has awarded $80,000 in grants this fiscal year.

Illinois Entrepreneurship Network Challenge Grants provide matching funds to help high-growth small businesses achieve critical business milestones. Companies supported by the HSIEC also receive important business services including management assistance and coaching, product development and technology commercialization advice, market intelligence and access to angel and venture capital.