ClearMesh Networks Redefines Wireless Bandwidth for Video Surveillance and Campus Connectivity

March 26, 2007
New Sentry Mesh enables system integrators and campuses to easily roll-out bandwidth-intensive high-resolution surveillance over wireless networks

PASADENA, CA — March 26, 2007 — ClearMesh Networks today announced the launch of its next generation wireless mesh solution, the ClearMesh Sentry Mesh™. The Sentry Mesh enables system integrators and security professionals to roll out a wireless network providing 100 Mbps of full duplex bandwidth per hop to support high-resolution video surveillance and IT applications. For the first time, large-scale, high resolution CCTV and IPVS networks can be deployed without the need to lay expensive coax or fiber cables.

The Sentry Mesh is the only high-bandwidth wireless Ethernet solution that offers integral Quality of Service (QoS) functionality, essential to ensuring voice and video traffic performance. The IEEE 802.11p compliant QoS implementation supports four priority queues and implements strict priority and weighted round-robin queuing algorithms. In addition, the solution maintains latency of less than 0.1 millisecond per node, guaranteeing optimal real time video performance in the presence of multiple types of traffic.

Sentry Mesh also provides five times the wireless bandwidth with the same capital outlay of existing Wi-Fi solutions while eliminating interference and security issues often associated with wireless networks. Because the secure, narrow-beam technology can’t be spoofed or compromised, voice, video and data traffic can ride on a wireless network with the same performance and reliability of a fiber network at a fraction of the cost. The wireless infrared mesh utilizes license-free line-of-sight transmission technology deployed in a self-healing mesh topology that ensures network availability in the toughest environments.

"The Sentry Mesh is optimal for education & medical campuses, business parks, industrial complexes, retail malls, and ports," says Suresh Nihalani, President and CEO of ClearMesh Networks. "Enterprise IT departments now have a secure network to integrate campus LAN connectivity and campus surveillance. System integrators can now deploy a wireless network supporting dozens of high-resolution video surveillance cameras and offer centralized network management through the ClearMesh Management System (CMS)."

The wireless infrared mesh provides excellent value for bandwidth aggregated back to a central NOC or for applications requiring extremely high bandwidth throughout a campus environment. IT departments can use the downstream bandwidth for Internet, VoIP and other applications, and the underutilized upstream bandwidth for centralized video feeds.

The Sentry Mesh is comprised of a network of low-cost wireless CM 300 switching nodes. With a list price of less than $6,000, the CM 300 can communicate with up the three other nodes and is able to distribute up to 300 Mbps of wireless bandwidth to support thousands of concurrent voice calls, video streams and Internet sessions. The ClearMesh Management System (CMS) enables centralized installation, diagnostics, service analysis and provisioning of the Sentry Mesh from an on-site or remote network operations center (NOC).

About ClearMesh Networks

ClearMesh is the only worldwide producer of next-generation wireless mesh equipment capable of supporting a fully converged IT infrastructure — video surveillance, multi-media applications, Internet access and low-cost VoIP — while furnishing fiber-grade service quality across campuses, business parks and municipalities. With ClearMesh, system integrators and network architects can build networks that deliver up to 100 Mbps of Ethernet connectivity with a license-free and interference-free QoS based wireless mesh solution. For more information, please visit