Narad Provides Fat IP Pipe for Surveillance to NYC Cooperative Housing Community

April 10, 2006
Narad Broadband enables hundreds of IP video camera feeds to flow over unused spectrum on existing cable plant

WESTFORD, Mass. - Narad Networks, Inc., a provider of high performance switched broadband access solutions, is leveraging existing Hybrid-Fiber Coax (HFC) assets to enable a video surveillance application for Co-Op City in New York. Co-Op City is the largest cooperative housing community created under New York's Mitchell-Lama Housing Program, housing approximately 50,000 residents.

Narad's Ethernet over Coax solution will power a vast network of surveillance cameras throughout Co-Op City's expansive community of more than 15,000 residential apartments, 35 high-rise buildings, 7 townhouse clusters, multiple community and shopping centers, and 6 schools. Co-Op City's management group will also use the IP resource to enable additional services including high-speed data and IP telephony.

"We've relied on Narad in some of our facilities for years, and as our needs have evolved and expanded, so too has our confidence in Narad," said Mary Ahland, director of Computer Services, RiverBay Corp., management company of Co-Op City. "With Narad, we've been able to create a very effective digital video surveillance application using the cable that's already installed around all of our buildings. This has saved us a very significant amount by comparison to other alternatives that required new construction. Narad's technology also makes it much easier, quicker and less disruptive to get our application up and running. Their support has been excellent throughout the entire process."

"This application with Co-Op City is a great illustration of the cost savings available to property owners and managers as they implement video surveillance applications," said Michael Collette, CEO, Narad Networks. "Narad's highly secure, broadband Ethernet over Coax solution provides ample capacity for very robust, high resolution video feeds while typically leaving room for additional in-building services such as voice and data. By taking advantage of the existing cable that's already installed in the building, project costs for signal distribution can be reduced 50-75%."

Narad's application for IP services uniquely utilizes existing cable infrastructure to deliver throughput of up to 100 Mbps x 100 Mbps of additional bandwidth over each coaxial cable span. In combination with Narad Ethernet switches, these 100 Mbps symmetrical links can be switched onto the coax plant at multiple points to provide Gigabits of symmetric bandwidth per node. Narad's switched Ethernet-over-Fiber solution provides Gigabit fiber capacity while making optimally efficient use of existing fiber plant. Narad's Ethernet-based outdoor switches support fiber, coax and wireless inputs and outputs.

About Narad Networks

Narad Networks is a provider of switched broadband access solutions that enable cable operators to leverage existing coaxial cable and flexibly use fiber and wireless media to deliver high capacity, high performance IP services, including voice, data, video, and enterprise networks. The company's QoS switches and service management software, along with its broad spectrum fiber and coax transmission technologies, support multi-gigabit transport for both commercial and residential customers. Narad's patented Ethernet-over-Coax solution meets the needs of coax-based users that have voice or data needs beyond that which cable modems can offer, while Narad's switched Ethernet-over-Fiber solution provides unprecedented IP capacity to fiber-based customers Narad is currently deployed with North American and European cable operators.

Based in Westford, Massachusetts, Narad is a privately held company with venture funding from Argo Global Capital, Polaris Venture Partners and other leading venture capital firms. For more information, visit