HauteSpot Networks Releases High Definition Video Stream Wireless Bridge

Sept. 24, 2007
Wireless bridge optimized for high-definition live streaming video over IP

San Luis Obispo, CA, Friday, September, 21 2007 - HauteSpot Networks Corporation, announced the immediate availability of the new HauteRoute HR-IXPSXPi ultra compact wireless bridge which is optimized for high definition live video streaming over IP. The HR-IXPSXPi builds upon the existing HR-IXPSXP, by moving to an ultra compact, lightweight enclosure and by adding Serial Over IP support.

The HR-IXPSXPi is designed for use in indoor and portable applications where excellent wireless link performance is required, such as video surveillance, HDTV production, event production and electronic signage.

By attaching any IP camera or video encoder to the HR-IXPSXPi, live high resolution video can be transmitted wirelessly at data rates of up to 68Mbps over distances up to 2km. The bridge operates on a range of frequencies in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum, and can be powered from any 12VDC camera, car or boat battery, or from AC wall power. It can be easily mounted to the back of a camera using off-the-shelf mounting brackets. It can even be fitted to mount on a belt as a wearable device.

Unlike competing COFDM solutions costing many times more, the HR-IXPSXPi is fully TCP/IP compliant and bi directional. This allows in-band control of devices attached to the HR-IXPSXPi. For video encoding this means that adaptive rate algorithms can be used to offset changes in the RF signal quality. HauteSpot Networks has tested the HR-IXPSXPi with a number of broadcast quality video encoder/decoders and has had tremendous success supporting up to 1080p@60fps with end to end latency of less than 80ms. This is ideal for real time HDTV production and surveillance applications.

"Proprietary COFDM microwave solutions have to make assumptions about RF environmental conditions, because they are one-way, and be pre-set accordingly. If a camera wanders beyond the pre set assumptions, the RF signal falls off a cliff," said Tim Harvey, the CTO of HauteSpot Networks, "Our bi-directional HauteLine protocol and radios can dynamically adjust to changing conditions by speeding up or slowing down." Harvey continued, "And video encoders can do the same over IP, allowing a persistent wireless link in the worst conditions."

There is no comparison between the HR-IXPSXPi using the HauteLine Protocol and 802.11 WiFi. 802.11, as a contention based protocol just is not appropriate to high bandwidth video. There are too many interruptions which cause jitter and delay variation with 802.11 and bit rates fall off at very short distances.

"We find that customers look at our products after having a number of failures with competing technologies, " said Charlotte Chang, VP of Marketing at HauteSpot Networks. "For example, customers will try running video over 802.11 networks and find that they cannot get the resolutions they need. Our HauteLine Protocol delivers the performance they need for high definition surveillance and broadcast video production."

The HR-IXPSXPi uses the HauteSpot Networks HauteLine protocol to achieve the streaming of standard definition and high definition video, with low latency and constant low delay variation at rates up to 65Mbps. It is a completely modular platform which allows for various radio modules supporting a variety of unlicensed, government only, or export radio frequencies, and comes in both outdoor and indoor/portable enclosures. It is full TCP/IP compliant and supports IP Multicast over UDP. IP Multicast allows the HR-IXPSXPi to broadcast in a point to multipoint mode so that a single transmitter can send to multiple receivers. Ideal for digital signage and event production.

By enabling the Serial Over IP feature, the HR-IXPSXPi can be configured to operate as a data terminal or data device in a serial link, at speeds up to 115,200kbps. Serial Over IP allows for remote control of camera pan-tilt-zoom, industrial application control, or any other application where serial communications is required. The female RS-232 DB-9 connector can be easily converted to RS-422 using low cost adapters. This allows remote operation of cameras and other devices by surveillance or broadcast personnel.

The Serial Over IP capability of the HR-IXPSXPi is implemented over IP multicast, allowing not only point to point, but point to multipoint serial communications. Users can monitor serial activity from a third HR-IXPSXPi unit for troubleshooting, or the same command can be sent to multiple HR-IXPSXPi at one time.

Radio module options for licensed and unlicensed frequencies are available. Call for details.

Pricing for the HR-IXPSXPi starts at just $899 per end.

The experienced team at HauteSpot Networks Corporation designs, sells, and supports wireless broadband solutions meeting the unique requirements of the broadcast, surveillance, public safety, public utilities, and military markets. This means delivering product performance and features that are leading edge in a format that is simple for our customers to use. HauteSpot Networks' high performance modular wireless routing platform can be easily configured to meet the most demanding needs of HD broadcast, surveillance, and OEM customers. HauteSpot Networks' proprietary HauteLineTM protocol supports wireless video streaming at rates up to 65Mbps with low latency, no jitter, and predictable delay variation. Founded in 2002 in San Luis Obispo California, HauteSpot Networks Corporation is privately held.