MuxLab Quad Video Balun Streamlines Security Video Cabling

April 3, 2006
Quad video balun combines four video channels over one Cat5 cable

Montreal, Canada — MuxLab Inc., designer and manufacturer of security video and audio-video connectivity solutions for copper twisted pair, announces its latest addition to its security video and AV connectivity portfolio - The Quad Video Balun, BNC (500037).  


Designed for security video, the 500037 allows up to four (4) analog CCTV cameras to be connected via one Cat5 cable, thus replacing up to four (4) coaxial cables by one Cat5 cable for more cost-efficient cabling.   The 500037 is one of the most compact baluns of its kind on the market.

Used in pairs, the 500037 supports composite video up to 2,200 ft (670m) via Cat5 cable when connected to an analog color monitor.  The product is the most compact CCTV quad video balun on the market and works in conjunction with MuxLab’s other CCTV and composite video baluns for added cabling versatility.

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