MuxLab Introduces S-Video/Hi-Fi Balun

Aug. 18, 2006
Balun allows one S-Video and one stereo audio channel to transmit over four twisted pairs

MONTREAL —  MuxLab Inc, leader in CCTV and audio-video connectivity for Cat5, is pleased to announce its latest solution for the custom AV market….The S-Video/Hi-Fi Balun (p/n 500038).   The S-Video/Hi-Fi Balun allows one S-Video and one stereo audio channel to be transmitted via four (4) twisted pairs in a point-to-point scenario.  The product features improved audio performance versus the 500017 with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz making it ideal for hi-fidelity systems.  

The S-Video/Hi-Fi Balun features built-in AV jacks for greater cabling flexibility and for use in head-end applications where AV equipment and baluns need to be installed in different locations such as in a local telecom room.  Its one-piece design allows it to be connected directly to any AV equipment and then patched in to the nearest Cat5 modular outlet.  By maintaining the balun with the equipment, moves, adds and changes are quicker and the investment in the structured cabling system is maximized.  

Used in pairs, the S-Video/Hi-Fi Balun supports S-Video and stereo Hi-Fi audio up to 1,000 feet (305m) and 3,250 ft (990m) respectively via Cat 5 twisted pair cable (UTP).   By allowing up to three (3) coaxial AV cables to be replaced by one (1) Cat5 cable, the S-Video/Hi-Fi Balun is consistent with MuxLab’s goal of providing more cost-efficient cabling solutions for custom AV systems.   

Totally passive and requiring no power supply; the S-Video/Hi-Fi Balun can help save a significant portion of the cabling cost in point-to-point AV connections, without sacrificing picture quality.  Applications for the product are extensive and include: residential AV systems, digital signage, video-conferencing, projection systems, video kiosks, classroom instruction, tradeshow demos, PC-training, airline information systems, courtroom video arraignment, medical monitoring and CCTV security and surveillance.   

The product features one (1) S-Video jack, two (2) RCA jacks for stereo audio and one (1) RJ45 connector for Cat5.   The S-Video/Hi-Fi Balun is fully compatible with the 500017 and other MuxLab products supporting S-Video and stereo audio.  The product works in conjunction with DVD players, cable TV receivers, PC video cards, laptops, DLP projectors, satellite receivers, audio-video distribution amplifiers, switchers, servers, mod/de-modulators and scan converters that support composite video and stereo audio.    

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