Windy City Wire Offers SmartWire Universal for Multiple Field Use

Aug. 11, 2006
All-in-one wire designed to be suitable for all of an installer's needs
CHICAGO, IL (August 1, 2006) – Windy City Wire is currently working on a new product line called “SmartWire Universal” to create an “all in one” use for installers. SmartWire Universal is the installer’s “universal” or multiple use wire. While all SmartWire products have a system specific print legend, this cable does not, which enhances the utility of the cable. The wire can now be suitable for all of the installer’s needs, creating an overall cable management solution. SmartWire Universal cables are suitable for almost all installations.

They contain all the qualities of SmartWire, except that the cable does not contain a System

Specific Print Legend. Standard features on SmartWire Universal products include: Ascending/Descending Sequential Footmarkers, SmartWire Universal Legend, Alpha Numeric Coding and multiple colored stripes. These features are also standard on SmartWire products, in addition to the System Specific Print Legend. By using SmartWire Universal and the SmartWire System Design Tool, a contractor can easily manage their cable systems, while creating organized job plans with customized labels.

Windy City Wire has been operating for 12 years. Their flagship product is “SmartWire,” which is a low-voltage wire and cable product that has the qualities of a tape measure, tester, toner and a label maker. Windy City Wire serves many types of system contractors including: Security, Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm, and Home Automation. For more information visit