Silex Technology Introduces Industry First 802.11a/b/g Wireless OEM Module

Feb. 27, 2006

TUSTIN, Calif. - silex technology america, Inc. today announced the SX-550, a highly secure module designed to connect OEM devices like medical equipment, printers, and telematics devices to wireless and wired local area networks (LANs). It is the industry's first solution for embedded OEM applications that includes compatibility with all the major wireless LAN standards -- 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g.

This compatibility allows the SX-550 to connect at a maximum speed of 54Mbps in virtually any business class wireless environment, even where 802.11b capabilities are unavailable. The SX-550 is especially ideal for mobile applications, as well as for applications in which cabling is impractical.

The SX-550 leads the industry by implementing all major wireless networking security standards into a state-of-the-art module. The comprehensive security suite includes 802.1x, EAP, TLS, TTLS, LEAP, PEAP, FAST, WEP, WPA, and WPA2 to ensure that sensitive data will not be compromised. In addition, it includes enterprise-level security features like access control lists, complete protocol and application enable/disable control, read and write configuration passwords, and SNMP community name configuration. These capabilities prevent unauthorized users from accessing the network, and enable OEM devices that incorporate the SX-550 to meet security standards like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules.

The SX-550 is easy to connect to any OEM device that has a serial interface. It can significantly reduce an OEM's time-to-market because it allows their existing software to work without modification. As a result, the OEM does not need in-depth knowledge of network protocol stacks and wireless communications in order to implement the SX-550.

The SX-550 includes two serial ports with modem controls plus ten general purpose I/Os for applications like driving LEDs or sensing switch positions. With a built-in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) SX-550 provides powerful yet simple programmability to achieve local control and monitoring. Moreover, device manufacturers who already have Ethernet can take advantage of the bridging mode, which transparently bridges the Ethernet connection to the wireless network. It features low power consumption, including a power save mode, so it is ideal for use in battery-powered devices. The SX-550 can be managed using silex' proven ExtendView utility, as well as via a web browser, TELNET, SNMP, or through one of the serial ports. Its compact size makes it easy to mount inside almost any OEM device.

"The benefits of wireless networking are obvious," said Keith Sugawara, general manager of silex Technology America. "But until now, many customers were reluctant to implement it because of security issues. The SX-550 addresses these issues with the industry's most extensive suite of network security standards. The SX-550 also provides significant performance and interoperability advantages for OEMs. Business class wireless infrastructure includes the higher speed 802.11a and 802.11g standards, and it is important that our customers are able to connect at the maximum wireless speed."

The SX-550 is available in U.S. and international models. A developer's kit, which includes a daughter-card with connectors and cables plus software, is also offered to simplify the development of applications based on the SX-550. The SX-550 is priced at $100 for the wireless version and $50 for the wired version, with OEM discounts available.

Samples of the silex SX-550 wireless module are available immediately. Silex is online at