BroadWare Releases Open Standards-Based Video Applications Server

Feb. 23, 2006
Server simplifies the configuration and management of enterprise video Resources

Santa Clara, Calif. - BroadWare Technologies, the leader in distributed video surveillance, has introduced a new applications server suite and graphical user interface for its open standards-based digital video platform. Known as the BroadWare Application Server (BAS) 2.0, this Web-based front-end enables organizations to quickly configure and effectively manage complex video applications used throughout the enterprise in a single facility or multiple facilities spread around the world.

BAS 2.0 incorporates easy-to-use policy-based configuration management software that allows users to configure systems according to the specific needs of their facility and their business practices. Using the BAS 2.0 GUI, systems integrators and end users can deploy, track, and maintain heterogeneous video applications, devices and files across the entire enterprise. They can also easily configure users by roles to allow specific rights to cameras and functions based on different scenarios. The benefits of this end-to-end solution include powerful, streamlined video systems management, enhanced productivity for IT staff, more cost-effective use of the IT infrastructure, and higher levels of security. All of this is available in an out-of-the-box solution that can be quickly deployed. In one case, a 700+ camera retrofit was successfully accomplished in just a few hours.

"For the first time, enterprises are now able to manage a multi-purpose video platform consisting of thousands of cameras, users, archives and related enterprise applications from one simple interface," said Bill Stuntz, CEO of BroadWare Technologies. "Based on IP-based video technology already proven in the most demanding federal and military applications, the simplicity and power of BAS 2.0 makes it ideally suited for commercial enterprises, hotels and state/local government facilities where a turnkey solution is desirable. This also supports BroadWare's expansion into new markets and new applications where video is a key element."

Specific features and benefits of the BAS 2.0 software suite and graphical user interface include:

* Elegant Intuitive User Interface. BAS 2.0 provides an intuitive, simple-to-use, powerful user interface that is available accessible from any PC running Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.

* Simplified Server and Camera Administration. BAS 2.0 provides a single management console to set up and manage multiple servers, cameras, and encoders. Shared settings facilitate the duplication of common deployed data and helps speed up the device setup.

* Role-Based Settings and Shared Data. Administrators can define user roles by specifying camera access rights and assign users to different roles based on job and location-specific requirements. This eliminates the need to set up rights user by user and reduces administrative overhead. Configuration data and settings are shared, so administrators can set up multiple devices without entering the same data twice.

* Flexible Video Displays. Operators can customize the management console display by selecting different layouts and by setting up automatic rotation among cameras every few seconds. Authorized users can look at live and archived video from multiple locations at the same time, and can control pan-tilt-zoom cameras using the BAS 2.0 interface.

* Archive Review and Clipping. Archives can be created at multiple locations for redundancy, and can be recorded at different frame rates and durations. The intuitive interface lets users search, play, scan, rewind, and pause the recording, and save clips of video on remote servers or their own PC.

* Activity Reports. BAS 2.0 supports logging of all user and system activities. Activity logs can be viewed as online reports or exported to a .csv file.

* Customizable Interface to Match Corporate Branding and "Look and Feel." With BAS 2.0, system integrators, VARs, or end users can tailor the "look and feel" of the video platform user interface, incorporate corporate colors, logos and other branding, and even switch languages.

* Extended Event-Driven Actions. Administrators can program custom actions to automatically execute based on various triggers such as a change of state in the system. For example, with BAS 2.0 they can configure the system to send emails messages, start an archive and send instant alerts when a change occurs. When used with BroadWare Command Servers (BCS), pre-defined views can be pushed to certain users when there is a change in the system.

* Automatic Event Notification. Operators can receive automatic emails or instant alerts when an event that needs their attention occurs. When used with the BCS, video can be automatically displayed in response to pre-defined events. These events can be triggered by other applications, such as access control, fire systems, outdoor motion detectors or radar systems.

* Enhanced Interoperability with Other BroadWare Components. BAS 2.0 can manage multiple BroadWare Command Servers (BCS), BroadWare Media Transcoders (BMT), and BroadWare Media Servers (BMS). Alternately, the BAS, BMS and BCS software can run on the same server, eliminating the need for separate devices and streamlining management further.

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