New feature on Arteco software helps reduce false alarms

March 4, 2008
Feature designed to help central stations take advantages of intelligent video benefits

St. Louis, MO (February 20, 2008) – Arteco, an industry leader in the field of Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) products for the security industry, has announced an enhanced "Pop-Up" feature to its remote software ARTECO-LOGIC. When activated, the feature only displays video streams from cameras where security violations are taking place in real-time. The feature was designed to help Central Monitoring companies capture the benefits of Intelligent Video as a tool to reduce false alarms through video verification.

This innovative feature was added to the product as a result of Arteco's collaboration with leading central monitoring company MediaService, based in Rome, Italy. The company will use IVS as the primary detection system at 22 sites accessed from a central control station. Operators will monitor security events from multiple IVS servers from a single PC. When an event is detected by the IVS, live video pops-up onto the software grid for immediate action. The operator can view the live scene and simultaneously review the recorded video that caused the violation. After the operator acknowledges the event and takes the appropriate countermeasure, the video stream is dropped off the grid with a simple mouse click. The feature adds to the visual flashing red outline of the video and audible sound that signal the operator when the event is taking place.

"Video verification and false alarm reduction are not just hot button issues in the U.S. market," said Steve Birkmeier, Vice President of Arteco, "European alarm companies are also looking for a cost-effective way to resolve these issues and 'Pop-Up' is a key feature to help Intelligent Video move into the central alarm space."

An additional benefit of the new feature is the reduced impact it creates on bandwidth load. Video is only streamed back to the central station when events take place and are in the process of being acknowledged by security personnel. This allows central stations to greatly increase the number of sites they can access from a single location.

Arteco is currently in negotiations with several Central Monitoring companies in the United States to incorporate the IVS into their business model thanks to the added feature.

"The real-time detection ability of Intelligent Video make it a great fit for the alarm industry but the question has always been how we get all the video from multiple locations back to a central location," Birkmeier explained. "The 'pop-up' feature gives video of events on-demand, drastically reducing the strain on network bandwidth for central stations and making Intelligent Video a fantastic solution to the false alarm issue."

Arteco will be giving live demonstrations of on-demand Intelligent Video at ISC West booth # 7127 April 2-4, 2008.