Honeywell Introduces Profusion Jacketless Access Control Cable

Aug. 3, 2005
Genesis Series Profusion jacketless cables designed to save labor time during installations

Pleasant Prairie, WI -- Honeywell has launched its Genesis Series Profusion jacketless access control cable featuring a bundle of four individual shielded cables held together by a tight, continuous twist that can be easily separated for unique data or communications tasks. This "jacketless" technology brings new levels of convenience and labor-savings to access control system installers.

Profusion delivers lock power, card reader, door contact and request for exit in a single bundle. Time savings are achieved because the cable jacket does not need to be removed during the wiring installation process, plus a single pull takes care of four cables at once.

Unlike other bundled cables, Profusion does not use a messy adhesive to hold the four cables together; the unique twist design does it all. Each cable is color coded and features sequential footage markings.

Lighter in weight than traditional cable, Profusion also gets high marks for its better overall bend radius, smaller overall diameter, and rugged construction that practically eliminates cold weather cracking problems.

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