Moxa joins Symmetricom's SyncWorld Ecosystem Program

July 9, 2013
Moxa carrier-grade ethernet switches demonstrate IEEE 1588 interoperability with Symmetricom SGC-1500 Smart Grid Clock

BREA, CA, JUNE 25, 2013 -- -- Moxa, a provider of hardened networking, communication and computing solutions, today announced that it has joined Symmetricom, Inc.'s SyncWorld Ecosystem Program following the successful interoperability testing and validation between Moxa's line of PowerTrans PT-7728-PTP switches and Symmetricom's SyncServer SGC-1500 Smart Grid Clock.

"By demonstrating IEEE 1588 solution compatibility, Moxa customers are ensured of a reliable and easy-to-configure connection that will maintain service continuity around the clock using the winning combination of the PT-7728-PTP and SGC-1500," said Jim Toepper, product marketing manager for Moxa.

Moxa PowerTrans PT-7728-PTP switches are designed to meet the demands of power substation automation systems. The switches protect against electrical surges, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and other critical threats, and emphasize the highest level of reliability and availability of substation communications by offering strong EMI immunity, -40 to 85°C operating temperature range, and redundant features for complex and high voltage substations.

The Symmetricom® SyncServer SGC-1500 Smart Grid Clock is designed specifically for the migration of power utility substations to the Smart Grid. It delivers the timing required by traditional substations as well as the new IEC 61850 Smart Grid applications. Using the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol, the SGC-1500 enables microsecond timing accuracy essential to the Smart Grid.

Moxa joins other SyncWorld network equipment partners that develop carrier-grade communications equipment required to deploy carrier Ethernet and 3G/4G networks who have conducted extensive testing with Symmetricom products to ensure effective operation. SyncWorld network equipment partners cooperate in a variety of ways, including technical, marketing, and field support.