Genetec to support ioimage devices

Oct. 28, 2008
Ioimage analytics devices to work within Omnicast system

Genetec's Omnicast IP video surveillance management solution will support devices from ioimage. The ioimage devices use video analytics to provide real-time intelligence from the cameras. The partnership means users with the Genetec Omnicast system would be able to add ioimage cameras.

"The seamless integration of our IP solutions with ioimage advanced edge and centralized devices leverages the numerous benefits of networked security," said Michel Chalouhi, Genetec director of product management, in announcing the support for ioimage devices. "This joint solution gives our customers a very efficient way to strengthen and streamline their operational security as well as a pro-active approach through a unified security interface."

"Our alliance with Genetec underscores ioimage's commitment to provide easily configurable, highly reliable, interoperable intelligent video solutions that deliver added value and reduce the total cost of ownership for businesses of all sizes," said Dvir Doron, vice president of marketing for ioimage.