Lumenera's Megapixel CCTV Cameras to Use ObjectVideo Analytics

May 23, 2006
Company signs OEM partnership for ObjectVideo OnBoard to be included in its high-res cameras

Video intelligence is further making its way into the edge hardware.

This morning, Canadian digital camera maker Lumenera, which makes high-performance cameras for a variety of tasks, including security, industrial and scientific needs, announced that it would be including Object Video's OnBoard video analytics inside the cameras.

Lumenera, which is among a small crop of manufacturers specializing in megapixel cameras, says it will use the ObjectVideo OnBoard analytics for its security cameras. The companies have both said that the addition is designed to improve camera detection and reduce false alert rates.

"Bringing cameras to market that already incorporate video analytics will result in improved efficiencies and ultimately stronger security installations for customers," said Brian Eckert, vice president of sales and Marketing for ObjectVideo in announcement regarding the partnership with Lumenera.

According to Lumenera's vice president of business development Greg Bell, the companies high-resolution cameras were a good fit for a digital video analytics platform.

"Lumenera provides the sharpened image through which ObjectVideo can deliver real-time video analytics to first-responders, border agents, port officials, commercial and corporate security outfits and numerous other end users," said Bell.

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