Integrating Chemical Threat Sensors with Video

May 12, 2006
RAE Systems and Aegison team up to link chemical and radiological sensors with a video platform
A year or so ago, the hot buzz in integrated video was a link with access control, so that the opening of a door would stamp and/or link a video recording such that investigations or reports would be easier. While that application continues to grow, companies are finding more and more that they can do with interfaces between video systems and other sensor-type devices, be they door sensors, intrusion sensors, radar, or, even now, chemical and radiation threat sensors.

The newest addition is from RAE Systems, a California company which has made its mark with a variety of high-tech sensors for detecting chemicals, radiation and biological threats. Today the company announced that its sensor would be able to integrate with a system from digital surveillance company Aegison Corporation.

The integration of the two systems allows a detected event on an RAE sensor to link directly to video data. The system does so using Aegison video management interface, allowing RAE's sensor data to be superimposed in real-time on the recording system.

The system, while not available yet, is expected to be released in mid-summer and is the first of its kind to link such data. The integration of the two systems, of course, has obvious applications in homeland security and high-profile event security, allowing not only for faster investigations, but to provide up-to-the-second video on what's happening in a site that may have been contaminated.

According to RAE Systems, the application isn't just for security, but also has broad applicability to industrial situations.