Integrator Lands Project for Surveillance in City of Santa Monica

March 17, 2006
Federal Network Services to create networked system of 123 cameras for municipal surveillance

The city of Santa Monica will be on video, thanks to a recent deal to install a municipal camera system.

In the deal, Washington-state based integrator Federal Network Services secured a $1.3 million contract to install a public video security system that will cover Santa Monica's pier and Third Street Promenade. The new video system will integrate with existing security systems in the city, and is expected to include 123 cameras altogether. The cameras will be almost evenly divided between the pier and the promenade areas.

Federal Network Services (, like its name implies, has landed a number of government-level projects, having recently finished installing a security system project for the Veterans Administration in Las Vegas, as well as a Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX-1) project for the Missile Defense Agency.

According to the integrator, the Santa Monica municipal surveillance system will deliver the video to computers on the city's network for easy monitoring, and will store the video data on servers located in Santa Monica's Public Safety Facility. It is expected to take about 10 weeks to complete the installation for the city.

The company brings a number of industry partnerships to the table for its installations, including deals with IndigoVision, Bosch, Enterprise Security, Cisco and Overland Storage.