STARDOM Releases Dual SCSI Data Backup Solution

Jan. 2, 2007
Dual solution allows sharing of one Dual SCSI Raid with two systems

The newly Dual SCSI Data backup solution that STARDOM provided - SR7650-4S-U3D/SR5650-4S-U3D which equipped with dual SCSI channel not only supports dual chained but also allows you to share one Dual SCSI RAID with two systems. You could set two volumes in one Dual SCSI RAID as well for digital data storage / back up purpose by different data format or usage from an operating system. This is a quite efficient feature for SMB whom have budget limitation and requirement of storage sharing /data distribution.

The dual SCSI channel is supporting SATA hard drive, RAID 0,1,3,5,6,10,30,50,60 function and the transferring efficiency is able to reach up to 320MB/s. Thus not only ensures your data security but also allows you to have smoothly quality when you produce high definition audio/video materials or process digital data, and do not necessary to worry the operating efficiency be affected by transfer rate. This unit is quite suitable for Audio & Video editor who required high transmission efficiency and large data transferred.

Followed the flexible 4+4 storage expansion concept, STARDOM Dual SCSI data backup system also supports 4+4 storage expansion. It not only supports dual SCSI Ultra 320 host interface, but also designed 4 x eSATA port for storage expansion. It ensures you to connect with another 4 bays eSATA JBOD storage in case of data keep increasing in the future. Then the total solution will become an 8 bays RAID 6 subsystem instantly! To fulfill your data transmission efficiency and data security requirement, it also quite suitable for DVR/NVR system application.

Product Specification: Supports 0,1,0+1,3,5,6,10,30,50,60,JBOD Supports Dual SCSI Ultra 320 Host Interface Equipped with a 8 channels iSCSI controller inside Supports 4 x SATA I / SATA II Big Drive (750GB) Allows extending another 4 bays SATA enclosure Supports Online Array roaming and stripe size migration Online Data Auto-Rebuilding Hard Disk, Fan and Temperature failure detector Web browser-based RAID management