OzVision Changes Management as Company Shifts Focus

Dec. 19, 2006
New focus goes to telco and cable markets

OzVision, a leading developer of advanced video solutions for security monitoring, has announced several organizational changes as the company expands its strategy and focus into several additional markets beyond security.

Building upon its success in the security arena, OzVision will now target telecommunications service providers and cable companies to offer services based on the new OzVision Secure Network (OSN).

OSN is an ideal add-on service for Telco and cable companies because it provides remote IP video monitoring capabilities with real-time access for businesses or home owners through a user friendly, Internet-based portal from which subscribers can view, record, retrieve and control monitoring settings in a browser-based application.

The technology and the product line were especially developed so that a variety of monthly video services could be offered to end users. According to the company, there will be distinct differences between the versions targeted for the security market and the one for telco and cable companies.

The security industry still remains a major focus for the company and OzVision will continue to take an active role in marketing video verification and other services to monitoring stations and dealers as the company moves forward.

With these new directions, there have been several organization and management changes that have been made to help accelerate the implementation of the company's growth strategies and broaden its executive leadership team.

CEO and president, Ed Mallen as well as CTO Tim Root have left the company. Avi Lupo, senior vice president of strategies and business development has been appointed president of the newly formed global security division. Shahar Belkin, senior vice president of engineering, will continue at this time in his current position. Erez Freibach, CFO and vice president of operations, has been named interim CEO.

These changes were driven by several key developments in the business, including the rapid interest in the OzVision Secure Network in the United States and around the world. OzVision currently has eight Telco providers globally in different stages deploying the OSN solution.

A company statement announced, "OzVision is in an excellent position today, and we are generating momentum. Our technology is solid and we have a strong pipeline of opportunities for growth. The changes that are being made will further strengthen our long-term standing both in and outside the security industry and propel OzVision beyond what we originally envisioned when we first began."