Continental’s new CAView 1000 series DVR systems

Dec. 10, 2007
DVD-recordable drive, Gigabit ethernet interface and 1GB of system memory are standard on every system

Continental's hardware is known worldwide for over 40 years for its reliability, flexibility and superior technical and customer service. Our digital video solutions can display, search, and playback video simultaneously across multiple DVR systems. A single CardAccess 3000 Workstation with DVR Interface can connect to multiple DVR systems. Users with unique privileges can even access powerful administrative functions remotely. Watch all your storefronts simultaneously or play back video of exit patterns for a shopping mall consisting of cameras connected across several DVR systems. Our new CA-View 1000 Series DVRs/NVRs systems will help you to create powerful workstations.

CA-View 1000's dual-core Pentium 4 CPU based systems will exceed your expectations. A DVD-Recordable drive, Gigabit Ethernet interface and 1.0GB of system memory are standard on every system, supporting a total of 32 IP/Video sources. Each unit includes a 19" rack mountable chassis and a sliding rail kit. Fixed internal storage is available in capacities up to 2.25TB. Seamlessly add IP camera licenses up to a total (Analog + IP) of 32 video sources.

To learn more about Continental's CA-View 1000 Series and to view Continental Access' new stylish, user-friendly website, please visit Here you will find the most up-to-date news, events, directory of sales representatives in your area and downloadable product spec sheets for added convenience. For full product offerings, details, pricing and availability, please ask your local rep, distributor or call 631-842-9400.

About Continental Access: Since 1961, Continental Access has been used from large government facilities, to small private businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative CardAccess software and access control hardware and readers. Continental Access is a Microsoft Certified Partner and our systems support all reader technologies from Prox to Biometrics. At Continental Access, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative CardAccess software and access control readers, controllers, badging and hardware – creating modular systems from 1 to over 16,000 doors. We provide full factory-certified training and 24-hour technical service, attesting to our continuing commitment to quality service.

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