Extreme CCTV releases new white light illuminator

Aug. 11, 2008
AEGIS UFLED enables high-fidelity night time color reproduction

Extreme CCTV releases the AEGIS UFLED White Light Illuminator powered by Black Diamond, enabling High-Fidelity night-time color reproduction for critical surveillance applications.

Unlike standard lighting fixtures that distort color images, AEGIS UFLED utilizes color corrected LEDs to deliver accurate surveillance images at night. A built-in low-voltage power circuit enables quick, easy installation, while 26-45 W operation makes for a true energy efficient lighting solution.

Incorporating Constant Light technology to ensure consistent imaging quality throughout the product’s life, the AEGIS UFLED White Light Illuminator delivers long-term reliability and performance to various locations including utility sites, ports and commercial buildings. Visit www.ExtremeCCTV.com for more information.