Neugent Launches Linux DVRs with Object Detection

July 13, 2007
SmartDetect DVRs can detect left objects, removed objects, illegal parking, motion, more

Philippines, Manila, July 11, 2007 – Neugent Technologies, Inc., leading developer of Linux-based digital video surveillance solutions, soft-launches its Linux LX8000 SmartDetect DVRs, a set of high-grade digital video recorders with built-in Object Detection video analytics.

Neugent's Linux LX8000 SmartDetect DVR application, which is designed to run on Neugent's powerful hardware MPEG4 DVR capture cards, offer two key features: left/abandoned-object detection and removed/missing-object detection. "Software and capture card incompatibility is the weakness of many companies that are offering only IVS," says Michael Jang, CEO of Neugent. "In order (for customers) to eliminate the taxing search for the compatible capture card, we've just simply added smart surveillance capabilities to our existing line of solutions."

Neugent's Linux LX8000 SmartDetect DVRs are intended for use mainly for the transportation, real-estate and retail industries. They can be used for tailored alarm generation when an object is left in a busy scene (such as a bag in an airport or subway station) or when an object is suddenly removed from its place (such as missing paintings/thefts in art galleries, schools and museums). Illegal parking violations and roadblocks can be detected, as well. Motion detection settings allow you to define areas (or zones) on the screen where you want to detect any visual changes. Once a change is detected, alert notifications can be sent to multiple destinations, both on and off site via email or SMS. Automatic live view capability via 3G for mobile phones is also available.

Built on an easy-to-use interface, Linux LX8000 SmartDetect DVRs offer outstanding picture quality, excellent background noise reduction, and flexibility to abrupt changing scenes, such as changes in light. Optimized DVR performance is attained through tailored algorithms and sophisticated configurations.

Neugent's Linux LX8000 SmartDetect DVRs are well-suited for different environments and different levels of activity. "With the Linux LX8000 SmartDetect DVR, you can streamline security operations, make better use of resources and reduce overall expenditures," quotes Michael Jang.

The soft launch of Linux LX8000 SmartDetect DVRs is a stepping stone in Neugent's gameplan to move head on with global players in the DVR industry and with the rising commercialization of IVS (Intelligent Video Solutions/Software). Neugent is set to launch its Object Counting IVS module next month.

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