Fujinon Introduces Day-Night Megapixel Zoom Lens

Nov. 27, 2007
Fujinon D32x lens provides around-the-clock clarity for surveillance applications

WAYNE, NJ, November 8, 2007 — Fujinon announces the latest addition to its product range designed specifically to meet the needs of the security and surveillance market. The compact D32x10R4D-V41 is a surveillance zoom lens designed with several new features offering increased performance for day and night operations on CCTV systems. Features such as mega-pixel compatible high resolution, long telephoto zoom capability, pre-set functionality and remote iris control makes this lens ideal for all 24-hour security and surveillance, including infrastructure surveillance, defense applications, and long-distance applications.

Around-the-clock surveillance is improved through specialized optics. When a typical daytime-only lens is installed outdoors, the image often blurs at nightime, necessitating re-focusing. This occurs because daylight is made up of rays with different wavelengths than the near-infrared range of light at night. The specialized optics in the D32x10R4D use an extremely low longitudinal chromatic aberration lens. This minimizes color fringing and provides crisp color images in daylight, and black and white images in low light and darkness, without the need to re-focus. When light intensity needs to be adjusted, operators can remotely fine tune the lens iris to allow more or less light in.

Should the need arise to examine surveillance video after a breach of security, high-quality images are a must. The mega pixel feature of the D32X10R captures sharp, high-quality images that stand up to extremely close inspection.

Fujinon’s CCTV division, utilizing technology from the company’s broadcast lens division, provides lenses that create high-quality pictures for all vision applications. For more information about Fujinon CCTV products, call 1-973-633-5600 or visit our web site at www.fujinon.com.

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