CoVi Introduces Intelligent Recorder for Sony IPELA

June 22, 2007
New DMM-2000 recorder works with Sony and other third-party systems

AUSTIN, Texas – June 19, 2007 – CoVi Technologies, the high-definition video surveillance company, today announced the CoVi DMM-2000, its first Distributed Media Manager that supports third-party IP cameras. The DMM-2000, an intelligent video recorder, stream server and video information manager, is designed to work seamlessly with the Sony IPELA camera line. This new product represents a key milestone in CoVi's broader market strategy to provide support for a wide range of other leading third-party IP cameras in the future.

The ability of the DMM-2000 to support Sony's IPELA video surveillance cameras significantly expands the market for CoVi IP-based Security Camera Area Networks (SCANs) in a wide range of commercial, industrial and governmental environments where IP security cameras are widely used today. Up to two Sony cameras can be connected to a single DMM-2000, and video, live or recorded, can be streamed to multiple users simultaneously. For maximum flexibility in physical installation, CoVi provides three different enclosure options for the DMM-2000: a 2U rack-mountable chassis, a lockable wall-mount chassis and a stand-alone enclosure.

"The development of the DMM-2000 for other manufacturers' IP cameras is the final step in making CoVi SCAN the video surveillance industry's 'open IP' solution", said Cliff Cox, director of product management, CoVi. "Our goal is to provide network managers with the world's premiere video storage and management system, regardless of the mix of analog, IP or CoVi HD cameras they might employ. We will support additional vendors' IP cameras in the future that complement the CoVi SCAN solution." The CoVi system is designed to address the exponential growth of IP-based networked video surveillance traffic by providing the ultimate in management, storage and delivery of high-quality video surveillance over IP networks. CoVi DMMs are unique in their ability to deliver recorded video as good as live, whereas other solutions downgrade the quality of video to enable transport and storage. Each DMM operates at the edge of the network and provides dedicated processing and storage capacity for individual surveillance cameras.

CoVi SCAN is the network topology of choice for the deployment of video surveillance over IP networks. It allows high-bandwidth video to run efficiently on existing data networks without requiring expensive infrastructure upgrades or a separate network. With CoVi SCAN, surveillance video can be transported, stored, recorded, and accessed without compromising either the video quality or the network performance.

The CoVi DMM-2000 will be available in July 2007.