TeleEye recorder adapted for scientific research

July 11, 2008
Surveillance product finds use recording meteors at observatory

TeleEye RX Video Recording Server has found a new, interesting application at the Tican Astronomical Observatory in Croatia. Young scientists from Croatia are working on some uncertain physical phenomena produced by meteor disintegration in the Earth's atmosphere. TeleEye RX364 is involved in a research investigating the coincidence of meteor occurrence and change of electrostatic field in the upper atmosphere and on the ground.

TeleEye RX364 Video Recording Server has been chosen because of its prefect performance on recording, transmission and remote monitoring capabilities. It is connected with modified low-lux black / white cameras especially for meteor research. The meteor occurrence triggers video motion detection. Video is transmitted via LAN and ADSL. As most of the scientific instruments run without human presence, scientists can retrieve D1 resolution images in bmp format frame-by-frame remotely in the Observatory. TeleEye RX364 connects to timeserver services in the world to give time synchronisation which is extremely important for astronomical research. The video is recorded locally for 5-7 days for analysis and backup.

TeleEye RX364 gives better alarm verification and event control. The meteor research project has become more efficient. Croatian Meteor Network plans to deploy TeleEye RX on additional locations for remote telescope asisstance and security applications.

Tican Astronomical Observatory is a successor of Visnjan Astronomical Observatory, from which more than 1400 asteroids and two comets have been discovered. Tican Observatory works on future research for Near Earth Objects and other solar system bodies and the development of educational methodology.