Dedicated Micros partners with mobiDEOS

July 9, 2008
Companies to deliver surveillance video to cell phones

Dedicated Micros—part of AD Group—announces its integration with mobiDEOS to deliver video surveillance footage to cell phones.

With MobileIPCamViewer, customers can watch and control cameras connected to Dedicated Micros digital video recorders (DVRs) via their cell phones, without having to be in front of the computer or security control station. This capability is particularly important to applications where security or management personnel cannot always be on-site, such as multi-location retail establishments or businesses.

"The Dedicated Micros/mobiDEOS integration provides end users with another tool to access video surveillance anytime, anywhere," said Mark Provinsal, vice president of marketing and product strategy for Dedicated Micros.

"It is our pleasure to work with Dedicated Micros, we believe it is a great partnership as Dedicated Micros bring a plethora of experience in surveillance technology and we at mobiDEOS bring technology and expertise in cellular and internet world. Together we can solve customers’ remote monitoring problems and offer higher ROI," said CEO of mobiDEOS, Sri Palasamudram.

MobileIPCamViewer is already integrated with major cell phone manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, BlackBerry(RIM), Sony-Ericsson, Sanyo, LG, Samsung, and HTC, with support for over 300 different models.

MobileIPCamViewer has been in the market for over two years. It currently operates on carriers including Cingular, Verizon (Blackberry), Sprint/Nextel, Alltel(Blackberry), Embarq, Boost Mobile, SouthernLinc, Qwest, Telus, Rogers, and Orange, as well as through resellers.