Teleview launches TW-9300 camera series

July 8, 2008
IP-67 rated cams available in either indoor or outdoor versions

Teleview Technologies has introduced its most versatile dome system yet. The TW-9300/9300-OH is a fully-featured PTZ Dome series with 26x Optical Zoom and 10x Digital Zoom. It is available in a small-footprint indoor version or an outdoor version with heater and blower. Both versions are rated IP-67, which means they are waterproof and dustproof. This allows use even in difficult environments, such as industrial wash-down rooms or marine settings.

Teleview Technologies is a Singapore-based high technology surveillance systems manufacturer with company-owned manufacturing facilities in Asia and a leading presence around the world. Already a major vendor for the CCTV industry in much of Asia and the Far East, Teleview has expanded its marketplace to North America. Teleview Technologies engages in long-term research and development projects in the fields of CCTV and Surveillance Systems, and they manufacture and implement world-class surveillance products and solutions.