High-Resolution Surveillance at Arizona Superior Court

June 8, 2007
Project combines video management solution from OnSSI and IQeye megapixel surveillance cameras

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. and SUFFERN, N.Y., June 6 -- IQinVision and On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc., announced today that the Superior Court of Arizona, located in Flagstaff, upgraded security by deploying IQeye megapixel cameras and OnSSI's video surveillance software platform. IPVision is the systems integrator, design and engineering firm overseeing the security system installation.

The Coconino County facility and staff of bailiffs oversee access to the building and courtrooms, and focus on preventing entry of unauthorized weapons into the buildings. The increased security follows incidents of courtroom violence and threats to judges.

To meet these security challenges the courthouse installed a new video surveillance system. 27 IQeye 701 cameras were installed at doors leading to judges' chambers, staff offices and public areas. Captured data transmits to a central command and control center within the courthouse for monitoring and recording.

OnSSI's powerful surveillance and camera management software, when installed onto a PC, gives users complete control of network and analog CCTV surveillance cameras. It completely eliminates the need for traditional hardware such as video matrix switches, multiplexers and quads. Ethernet network (LAN) cabling eliminates the need for coaxial cabling. Existing analog cameras can even be controlled when used with video servers.

The enhanced capabilities of the new system allow bailiffs to monitor critical areas without needing to staff these areas. They can now focus on the comprehensive security and additional duties. Prior to the system installation, bailiffs spent considerable time in vulnerable areas, monitoring traffic and looking for threatening activity.

"Using OnSSI's video surveillance platform gives security officials the flexibility and versatility to add viewing capabilities and effectively manage events intelligently by the system as incoming data is processed," added Gadi Piran, President and CTO of OnSSI.

In just three months of system operations, it's clear that staff productivity and effectiveness has improved. "The IQeye cameras were a logical choice," said Ben Green of IPVision. "The IQeye megapixel image quality and the network stability of the camera cover two essential needs for this application. To date, we haven't had one service call. The system has been flawless."