Ciprico's RAIDCore Boosts IZON's Video Surveillance Technology

Oct. 31, 2007
Host-based RAID powers industry's leading video surveillance storage appliance to unmatched performance

Minneapolis, MN - October 30, 2007 – Ciprico Inc. (NASDAQ: CPCI), a leading provider of intelligent storage software, solutions and appliances, announced today that IZON Technologies, a leading manufacturer and distributor of fully customizable digital security surveillance systems, is building one of the industry’s highest performing and most flexible video surveillance storage appliances based on the RAIDCore 5000 Series of software based RAID controllers.

RAIDCore’s utilization of the host motherboard’s processing power, coupled with its ability to create virtual arrays of up to 32 drives with any configuration of 4, 8, 12 or 16 port boards using the company’s unique controller spanning technology, allow the system to deliver in excess of 1GB transfer rate to and from drives with low latency and no hardware cache bottlenecks.

“Surveillance solutions with heavy throughput requirements have traditionally utilized expensive hardware based RAID controllers, limiting the performance and scalability of these security appliances,” said Andy Mills, Vice President of Marketing and Development for Ciprico. “With the wide availability of today’s multi-core CPUs, IZON Technologies can fully optimize RAIDCore to dramatically increase the performance of their video and security platforms, lifting them to entirely new levels.”

“Ciprico’s powerful RAIDCore Technology is a robust architecture with simplicity in mind,” added Jim Hatch, Chief Technology Officer at IZON Technologies. “We vigorously tested the RAIDCore 5000 series cards with our IZON Network Video Recorder (NVR) platform, and were very pleased with the outstanding sustained throughput rates, flexibility, availability, ease of use and extremely low price point."

About Ciprico

Ciprico Inc. (NASDAQ: CPCI) is a leading provider of intelligent storage software, solutions and appliances for business to enterprise class IT servers, professional workstations and digital media workflows. As a pioneer in the emerging software based virtualized RAID market, the company’s RAIDCore product line has demonstrated its superior reliability, performance, low power consumption and scalability. More information can be found at or by contacting [email protected].

About IZON Technologies

IZON Technologies is a manufacturer and distributor of fully customizable, digital security surveillance systems. IZON offers high-quality, high-capacity DVR (Digital Video Recorders), NVR (Network Video Recorders) and high performance storage solutions that combine advanced technology with exceptional affordability. For more information about IZON, visit .