Bosch releases new digital recorder

July 7, 2008
Divar XF reduces storage costs by as much as 30 percent

Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of security solutions, is introducing an addition to its Divar family of Digital Versatile Recorders (DVRs). The new Divar XF digital recorder provides real-time viewing, recording and playback in full 4CIF resolution, as well as synchronous audio support on every channel. A leader in video storage technology, Bosch has incorporated state-of-the-art H.264 compression technology into the Divar XF’s advanced design. This technology allows Divar XF to deliver outstanding, high resolution images while reducing storage costs by as much as 30 percent compared with systems that use traditional MPEG-4 encoding.

The Divar XF also features four hard disk drives accessible from the front of the unit for easy servicing. Front accessibility means drives can be easily added or replaced with larger capacity drives, providing the flexibility for additional storage when needed. Video can be archived to USB flash drives, and with image authentication, it can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

The system includes Divar XF Control Center software for complete remote management, including live viewing, playback, configuration, remote alarm notification and easy exporting of recorded video. With the Divar XF Control Center, all operations can be centralized to create a scalable video management solution.

Using the Bosch Video Management System, customers can integrate the Divar XF into any Bosch IP network surveillance system to provide comprehensive, centralized control over an entire CCTV network, including cameras and storage devices. Using Bosch’s new VideoSDK (Software Development Kit) enables integration with third-party security management systems or specialized software tools, such as fraud detection programs for retail applications.

The Divar XF is ideal for medium to large or growing systems with high security requirements, such as shopping centers, banks and financial institutions, industrial facilities and airports. It is available in eight and 16 channel models.

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