Cohu Unveils Suite of IP-Enabled Security Products

May 25, 2006
IP cameras, encoders, decoders, video management system lead Cohu product line

Camera manufacturer Cohu Electronics has developed an end-to-end IP-enabled surveillance system for customers who want to begin integrating the technology into an existing analog system or are contemplating a bottoms-up digital conversion. Cohu's drop-in solutions are designed to seamlessly merge an existing analog environment into emerging digital communications networks.

Building on its existing i-Series cameras, Cohu has added video transmission, recording, and display components to its product mix. The new products were rolled out at ISC-West and the SPIE Defense & Security Show.

IP enabled cameras to be front and center

For imaging, the popular i-dome camera now has optional MPEG4 compression and electronic image stabilization. It is also the first dome camera to offer a 35X zoom lens for even more detailed surveillance imaging. The MPEG4 compression feature offers variable frame rate, variable bit rate, resolutions of up to 4 CIF quality, and precision video masking. Up to 64 unique polygons with varied opacity can be defined, with scalable masking based on zoom lens position. The i-dome joins the already popular 7100 Series, essentially a Unix derived computing device with features that go beyond traditional video cameras, combined with a high resolution, mexapixel CMOS sensor, Ethernet interface, and upgraded lens.

Enhancing IP Network Capability

For networking, Cohu's i-linx II IP video management system is an advanced suite of software and MPEG2 and MPEG4 products designed to provide high quality delivery and processing of video, audio, control and sensor data using standard Ethernet based networks.

Flexibility is the key.

The i-linx II family of encoders and decoders offers customers an affordable path to digital convergence while maintaining the equity of an existing system. The control software employs intuitive point/click/drag actions and a graphical interface that includes maps, icons, and menus of the control system. Its look and feel is consistent across the suite to reduce the operator learning curve and improve reaction to monitored events.

24/7 Video Archiving at High Resolution

Taking a cue from the gaming industry, security professionals now demand 24-hour recording of every camera in their system. Cohu has responded by employing network technology for efficiency and economy in the companion i-linx II network video recorder (NVR), which maximizes bandwidth utilization because the encoded signal from the cameras is streamed in a compressed state. The NVR supports up to 50 camera video streams at 30 frames per second (fps) at 4 CIF resolution.

From basic time-and-event documentation to advanced global enterprise applications, the ArchNet line provides scalability in both features and pricing.

Camera positioning systems, audio communications and recording, discreet device input/output control and remote operator control and management functions, can all be integrated to perform hundreds of unique system actions and responses based on the users requirements. At the local level, a basic ArchNet system allows the user to view live or recorded video from multiple servers on a local network or across the Internet. At the enterprise level, an entire multi-server environment can be controlled from a central location from a single application. At any level, the live or archived video is transmitted on an existing network to maximize cost efficiency. For product information, contact an authorized Cohu Sales Representative listed on our web site,, or call +1-858/277-6700 x215.