Digital Recorders Announces New Single Lens RGB Color LED Product

May 19, 2006
Initial orders received for 107 bus vehicles in California and Massachusetts

DALLAS - Digital Recorders, Inc. (DRI), a technology leader in transportation, law enforcement, and security digital communications systems, announced today that its TwinVision na, Inc. (TVna) business unit in Research Triangle Park, N.C., has received orders from existing customers in California and new customers in Massachusetts for its technologically advanced, single lens, light-emitting diode (LED) color display destination sign system that utilizes a new red, green, and blue (RGB) construction arrangement.

The TVna business unit has a transit-industry exclusive on the new single lens RGB color LED device for use in its TwinVision electronic destination sign systems (EDSS). Management anticipates the Company will complete order shipments for a total of 107 bus vehicles in two states during second quarter 2006.

"We believe this new generation of color EDSS products featuring our state-of-the-art single lens RGB color LED may help us capture additional market share due to the features and economy that it offers. While this product has been under development and in early stage demonstration for quite some time, for competitive reasons we have been cautious about calling wide-spread attention to it until we were well along in the market introductory phase. We have on-going product and technology developments, some of which we discuss in advance and some of which we elect to keep low key like this until we are properly positioned in a competitive context," David L. Turney, the Company's Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President, said.

DRI Chief Technology Officer Lawrence A. Hagemann said, "The single lens RGB color LED was developed for our exclusive use in the transit market. Its RGB construction arrangement generates a wide array of the color spectrum with very wide-angle viewing, high brightness, energy efficiency, and constant viewing intensity as mandated by transit requirements. While RGB in many forms of illumination and display devices is quite common, this particular very rugged single lens RGB color LED was optimized for demanding transit applications and it is not just an off-the-shelf item that would commonly be found in the LED trade."