Dallmeier Launches DMS 240 DVR with H.264 Compression

May 16, 2006
System offers real-time recording, audio on all channels, virtual matrix function
"The DMS 240 clearly shows that Dallmeier electronic understands the needs of the DVR marketplace" was just one of the many positive responses to the launch of Dallmeier electronic’s innovative DMS 240 digital video recorder at IFSEC 2006 last week. The DMS 240 is a real-time recorder with virtual matrix function that utilises the latest H.264 compression standard and offers audio on all channels and at all frame rates.

In the development of the DMS 240, the CCTV specialists at Dallmeier have sought inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s pioneering, boundary-transcending inventions. As a result they produced – as a kind of homage to the universal genius – a high quality product with cutting-edge components and technical refinements which far exceed normal market standards and open up new dimensions for security systems. The DMS 240 offers you the technology of the future – here today.

"The DMS 240 is a leap forward for recording technology," says James Walker, Managing Director of Dallmeier electronic UK. "Designed and built to Dallmeier’s exacting engineering standards, the DMS 240 will prove to be the recorder of choice for all demanding and sensitive monitoring environments such as traffic monitoring, casinos and custody suites. Wherever 24-7 real time recording is essential, the DMS 240 will offer unparalleled performance and reliability."

Central to the design of the DMS 240 is the ability to achieve comprehensive video and audio coverage combined with the ultimate in user flexibility. The options available, both pre-configured and user controlled, will exceed the expectations of the most discerning user.

The DMS 240 comes with a variable number of activated camera and audio inputs (8, 16 or 24) for ease of expansion and variable hard disk capacity from 250 GB to 800 GB.

If higher capacities are required, the likewise new storage DAS 4 ECO with four additional hard disk slide-in units with direct power supply over the DMS 240 can be used. Thus the total capacity increases with for example 500 GB hard disks to 3.0 TB. With simultaneous real-time recording of video and audio for all camera inputs 100% recording coverage of all subject activity is achievable.

Triplex live and replay monitoring has never been more comprehensive or easier with simultaneous real-time split display of all cameras and replay of various channels in time split mode (4/8 cameras in real time, up to 16 cameras with reduced picture rate). Picture quality is excellent with up to 2 MBit per camera and different bit and frame rates (Dual Stream) can be selected for recording and transmission.

Real-time split functionality is also network operable whether via LAN/WAN, GSM/GPRS/UMTS or Internet (PView/Browser/PRemote). Multi-users are accommodated through multicast/unicast network streaming. Alarm messages can be sent by email or SMS. Hard disk flexibility is provided by two slide-in bays that can accommodate two HDDs. SEDOR intelligent motion detector and camera sabotage recognition is fitted as standard.

Also on display at IFSEC was Dallmeier electronic’s complete camera range that combines both analogue and IP cameras and minidomes. Notably amongst these is Dallmeier electronic’s latest and award winning day/night Cam_inNET IP camera (DF3000IP-DN) and the world’s first minidome (DDF3000A) with Cam_inPIX technology based on third generation Digital Pixel System with Ultra Wide Dynamic Range (UWDR). Therefore, even situations with a great range in contrast can be recorded and documented in picture qualities previously unseen. The new IP dome camera DDF3000IPV-DN has been nominated an IFSEC Awards Finalist in the category "Best New CCTV Product".