Hacking Workshops: From Identity Theft to Video Camera Control

May 14, 2007
Program from vendors purports to show what hackers can do, so you can prepare against it

Want to see how hackers work? Want to know the ins-and-outs of what they're doing when they steal identities or rip apart websites? Even better, do you want to learn about how to stop them?

If you're in Canada (and possibly the U.S.), you can get the chance to see inside their world as authentication company CRYPTOCard and IT systems distributor Simple Technology Inc., team up for a hacker's road show of sorts.

The "hacking demonstrations" presented by the two companies starts this Tuesday, May 15, at the Novotel Ottawa Hotel and continues on the open road to visit Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 6, and Montreal in September. Other North American stops are planned, though dates aren't set.

The program is part of a pet project of Jason Hart, the CEO of CRYPTOCard Europe, who adds in his bio that he's a "former ethical hacker." Hart's program will demonstrate how hackers are getting around such CIO/CSO tools as enterprise content filters and password protection. Hart also plans to "take total control of numerous IP security cameras around the globe panning office spaces in real time."

According to Hart, much of the problem with enterprise security comes from VARs and integrators setting up systems but leaving static passwords in place -- a problem that has hit the IP camera market.

"Despite the fact that the sophistication of the increasing number of hackers who infiltrate company networks has far outstripped any advances in system security over the last decade, just about every organization that I have visited, including many Fortune 100 companies, still have a high percentage of accounts with easily-cracked static passwords," said Hart in an announcement of the program. "VARs and organizations need to understand just how simple it is for hackers to infiltrate a system in order to implement a serious barrier which can’t be easily bypassed."

Whether you're a CIO wanting to know how to protect your customers and employees' data, or a CSO wondering how a hacker can grab your cameras remotely, the stops on this "tour" might be a double-shot-espresso of a wake-up call for your organization.

To get more details on the workshops, contact CRYPTOCard.