Optelecom-NKF attains top rating for customer satisfaction

June 25, 2008
Company receives an 'A' on independent customer survey

Optelecom-NKF, a leading global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions, today announced it received an "A" rating on an independent customer performance survey conducted by ICMA International focused on the Americas market.

ICMA International, a renowned bureau for international market research, granted Optelecom-NKF, an "A" certification rating based on a survey conducted among a cross-section of the Company’s customers located in North America and Latin America. Survey results concluded that Optelecom-NKF ranks among the 10-best scoring companies for customer satisfaction among all companies surveyed by ICMA.

"We are extremely happy with the results of this survey," commented Roland Hooghiemstra, Optelecom-NKF’s VP sales and marketing. "This top rating underscores our ability to exceed customer expectations. It’s indicative of our core values and exemplifies one area where we intend to establish a discriminating position in a highly competitive market by offering real added value. Of all the survey respondents, 94 percent said they would recommend Optelecom-NKF to colleagues and business associates. These results reflect the commitment of the entire Optelecom-NKF team to continuously improve our products, services, and internal processes. The survey results are one example of our team’s attitude that we can always take what is good and make it better."