Honeywell Video Systems Introduces Integrated Data Manager

May 1, 2006
Data monitoring and mining technology integrates with Honeywell digital recorders

Introducing Integrated Data Manager (IDM), Honeywell's next generation data monitoring plus data mining solution allowing complete integration of transaction data with video from Honeywell digital recorders and network digital recorders. IDM Enterprise Edition (IDM EE) is a true enterprise solution for large sized applications requiring video and data analysis of point-of-sale terminals and camera systems across multiple locations via LAN/WAN or DSL. IDM Professional Edition (IDM ProE), offering many of the same features as IDM EE, is ideal for mid to large sized applications that do not require multi-server connectivity.

IDM is a revolutionary product from Honeywell that helps businesses control internal shrinkage while driving their productivity and efficiency. Built around Microsoft's latest .NET technology that allows for quick integration of POS systems with Honeywell DVRs, IDM uses MSDE (Miscrosoft Sequel Server Desktop Engine) to generate a powerful database of transactions that may be accessed along with associated video from a DVR with a few, simple mouse-clicks.

Real-time reporting enables IDM to generate fixed reports, customize searches and daily summaries, and create exception reports to pinpoint suspicious activity in seconds. Fixed reports quickly filter transaction data by specific search criteria. The powerful search feature generates customized reports using criteria such as operator, terminal, description, action code, modifier/ amount, time, search type, and exceptions. Daily summaries and exceptions may be e-mailed to specified personnel, allowing businesses to make timely decisions. IDM automatically highlights exceptions that may be bookmarked for future analysis. Reports can be produced and exported in HTML format for ultimate flexibility.

IDM is a cost-effective solution for reducing losses due to employee theft, shrinkage at the Point-of-Sale, or any other losses displaying an inconsistency between video and data. Moreover, this versatile, intuitive software does not require specialized training.

Transaction data from cash registers, ATMs, slot machines, weighing bridges, cash counters, online systems and many other data sources can be conveniently monitored and stored for data mining, making IDM ideal for a wide variety of retail, banking, gaming and other applications. The integration of transaction data with video significantly enhances an organization's ability to identify unusual or suspicious circumstances, allowing critical decisions to be made quickly and proactively.

IDM takes loss prevention to the next level, helping businesses reduce their losses and increase their profit margins through enhanced customer service and improved productivity. By integrating real-time data and video monitoring, it provides a trail of evidence that is impossible to dispute, yet easy to create.  

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