Lenel Unveils Prepackaged Intelligent Video Solutions

March 28, 2007
Virtually calibration-free solutions offer advanced functionality with streamlined deployment

LAS VEGAS, ISC West, Booth # 15087, March 28, 2007 — Lenel Systems International announced today the introduction of seven virtually calibration-free software solutions to address common video surveillance situations. The new software provides a simplified user interface and will make implementation easier to manage by bundling a number of Lenel’s video analysis algorithms and preconfiguring them. If a customer site meets certain specifications, the system can be shipped ready to put the desired solution to work after only minor calibration. Lenel is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

In addition to virtually calibration-free deployment, the new software solutions offer very high processing throughput, resistance to decompression artifacts, and per-channel pricing. They utilize dozens of built-in mechanisms to address typical video surveillance issues, such as human shadow removal, automatic background learning, object shape and texture analysis, and filters for false objects. Other mechanisms stabilize the video and map the camera view to the three-dimensional world.

The new software packages are as follows:

• Intrusion detection, which provides automated detection of objects, and can differentiate between object types such as humans, small animals, and vehicles.

• Crowd control, which detects a crowd of people, or a line of people that exceeds a predefined length.

• Loitering, which can be used for indoor, outdoor or wide view applications and can detect loiterers in uncrowded regions.

• Standing vehicle, which can detect when a vehicle remains within a forbidden region for too long.

• Forbidden direction or path of motion, which detects objects moving in a given direction or along a specified path, and can be used for wide area or close views.

• Smart camera, which can detect the motion of an object within the field of view, in order to trigger recording or to alert a human operator. It can also automatically monitor conditions to detect camera tampering.

• Facility utilization, which analyzes the flow of people through multiple access points such as gates, and generates statistical reports.

Lenel will continue to offer customized OnGuard IntelligentVideo solutions for applications that require a higher degree of customization than the prepackaged solutions provide. Lenel will demonstrate OnGuard IntelligentVideo capabilities at its booth, #15087, at ISC West in Las Vegas March 28-30. The company is currently exploring opportunities to OEM its intelligent video solutions to camera manufacturers and other network video providers.

About Lenel

Lenel is a global leader in development and delivery of scalable, integrated systems for the commercial security market, with nearly 13,000 system implementations in more than 75 countries. Lenel is headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., with sales and support coverage in all major world markets. Lenel is part of UTC Fire and Security, a $4.7 billion company that provides fire safety and security solutions to more than one million customers worldwide. Headquartered in Connecticut, UTC Fire & Security is a business unit of United Technologies Corp., (NYSE:UTX) which provides high technology products and services to the building and aerospace industries worldwide. More information about Lenel and UTC Fire & Security can be found on their Web sites at www.utcfireandsecurity.comand www.lenel.com