Firetide and Avrio Deliver Wireless Surveillance for the Glendale, Colo.

Sept. 24, 2007
Companies extend partnership to citywide public safety systems across the country

LOS GATOS, Calif. & WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 24, 2007 – Firetide, Inc., a developer of wireless mesh networks, and Avrio Group, a premier provider of Internet protocol (IP) surveillance solutions, announced they have partnered to deliver a wireless video surveillance system over mesh networks to Glendale, Colo., an urban community surrounded on all sides by Denver. The solution offers an open, non-proprietary approach that utilizes cameras located around the city and at the Infinity Park sports complex, the first municipal U.S. rugby stadium, soon to be completed in Glendale. The new surveillance system will allow the city’s law enforcement personnel to view live video from anywhere on the city’s network – including inside of mobile police cruisers.

“We estimate that Infinity Park will attract more than 250,000 visitors a year. We want stadium visitors and the area’s new businesses and residents to have the best and safest experience possible,” said Mike Dunafon, mayor pro tem of Glendale. “With the help of Avrio Group and Firetide’s technology, we have implemented the highest quality surveillance system available.”

The foundation of Glendale’s new public safety system is Avrio Group’s Rapid Deployment POLECAM, a plug-and-play device that contains a high-end IP camera, a Firetide wireless mesh node, and all components needed to secure the unit on a pole or building. POLECAM also allows for integration with other systems such as access control and gun shot detection. Video can be “pushed out” to emergency personnel based on a trigger event, such as unauthorized access to the facilities. Firetide is supplying the wireless mesh technology that enables POLECAMs to be deployed in any outdoor location without time-consuming and expensive cabling.

“Firetide is an important partner for us, not only because its products are the best in the industry, but also because of the company behind the technology,” said Mark Jules, Avrio Group’s president of business development. “The solutions we design and deploy for public safety agencies need to be extremely robust, highly secure and capable of being scaled easily and efficiently. Like Avrio Group, Firetide is committed to the public safety market and understands the responsibility that comes with providing solutions for that sector.”

The City of Glendale selected Avrio Group based on its past experience in deploying high-end video surveillance solutions, such as in Phoenix. Using Firetide mesh, Avrio delivered a covert and tactical video surveillance network for the Phoenix police department in 2006, and the company has now expanded its solution portfolio to include fixed citywide monitoring systems.

“We are excited to partner with a leading public safety solutions provider such as Avrio Group,” said Bo Larsson, chief executive officer of Firetide. “Avrio has proven that it can implement a cutting-edge wireless surveillance project under tight deadlines, while providing high-resolution images that law enforcement agencies need for successful investigations. The combination of Firetide’s wireless technology and Avrio’s expertise provides a compelling solution to municipalities seeking to improve security and public safety while keeping budgets down.”

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