VistaScape and Stanley Ink Agreement for Infrastructure Protection

April 5, 2006
First joint account includes automated wide-area surveillance protection at multiple sites for Fortune 500 company

LAS VEGAS (ISC WEST, BOOTH 36008) — VistaScape Security Systems and Stanley Security Solutions, a provider of access control and integrated security solutions, announced today an agreement to market and integrate automated wide-area surveillance solutions to commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional accounts.

The non-exclusive master reseller agreement enables Stanley Security Solutions to offer and integrate software and services from VistaScape. As part of the agreement, the companies will cooperate in joint sales and marketing initiatives. VistaScape will extend integration partnership benefits to Stanley Security Solutions, such as access to a partners-only website and sales training and technical training programs. This includes the industry’s only surveillance design course created specifically for automated wide-area surveillance solutions.

“Stanley Security Solutions is one of the premier companies helping the physical security industry transition to a new digital infrastructure,” said Glenn McGonnigle, Chairman and CEO of VistaScape. “Rather than just installing products, Stanley is a trusted adviser that understands the customer’s needs and then provides total service integration. This makes them an ideal VistaScape solutions provider.”

VistaScape and Stanley Security Solutions are currently engaged in their first joint account, a multi-site installation for a Fortune 500 company. The engagement underscores the growth of software-based surveillance systems from predominantly governmental and public sector applications to commercial and industrial markets. Fortune 500 corporations are now actively deploying automated wide-area surveillance technologies in order to cost effectively protect their critical assets and ensure business continuity.

Leveraging its overall experience in the security industry as well as the fundamental expertise of its individual operating divisions, Stanley Security Solutions offers its customers a unique and comprehensive resource for simplifying the integration process of technology driven security solutions. These include electronic access control, intrusion and correctional security systems, digital surveillance systems, and smart card management and visitor management. 


“There are a lot of intelligent video products on the market today. VistaScape stands apart by providing a policy-centric platform that streamlines video and other sensors,” said Jay Vaitkus, global product and market manager, Stanley Systems Integration. “It is especially ideal for at-risk facilities that specifically require an automated wide area surveillance solution.”

VistaScape created the market for automated wide-area surveillance solutions in 2002 with the introduction of SiteIQ, a software-based platform for managing and automating protection of critical assets and infrastructure. SiteIQ provides intelligent analysis of video and other sensors through an intuitive graphical display that shows real time conditions across an entire site. VistaScape sells exclusively through certified integration partners and has an install base that includes some of the nation’s largest ports and airports, government agencies and major corporations.

Stanley Security Solutions, a business division of The Stanley Works, is a provider of access and integrated security solutions for institutional, commercial and industrial businesses and organizations. With a strong emphasis on service, Stanley Security Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of security products, software and integrated systems directly to end user customers. Stanley Security Solutions is committed to extending its position as a leading comprehensive resource for a broad and extensive array of solutions that span the entire security spectrum.

Based in Atlanta, VistaScape Security Systems develops automated wide-area surveillance solutions to protect commercial sites, transportation facilities, and other at-risk infrastructure. VistaScape SiteIQ combines intelligent video surveillance and multi-sensor analysis through an intuitive software display that shows a real time view of an entire site — all on a single screen. SiteIQ increases situational awareness, reduces false alarms, and helps security personnel respond to potential problems before they happen. VistaScape is online at