Eptascape Launches MPEG-7 Surveillance Analytics System at ISC West

April 2, 2006
Eptascape to launch stand-alone surveillance, analytics, event detection solution

Mountain View, CA - Eptascape will launch its complete, plug-and-play MPEG-7 based video surveillance, real-time analysis and event detection hardware/software solution at ISC West next week in Las Vegas. Designed to adapt any existing CCTV camera to perform event based surveillance and real-time analytics, while masking subjects' identities to affect a revolutionary focus on aberrant behaviors, the Eptascape embedded system solution re-invents video surveillance and addresses public privacy.

Moving the industry from pixel-based to object and event based surveillance, Eptascape applies MPEG-7 encoding to generate XML annotations in real-time, describing video content. MPEG-7 annotations allow viewing software to identify suspicious events or behaviors as they happen, and to highlight objects or features in the video presented to monitoring personnel. Practical examples include highlighting objects left behind, people trespassing or moving against the flow, people crossing an access gate "tail-gating" behind another person.

The Eptascape solution is an open system based on established standards such as MPEG-7 and XML, OEM's, camera manufacturers and systems integrators can quickly and easily integrate the solution with commercial databases, rule-based decision systems, and custom-made software.

Based on proprietary embedded software, the Eptascape solution performs video analysis in real-time, generating meta-data annotations encoded in MPEG-7 that provide an overview of what the camera sees. In a typical MPEG-7 frame, meta-data annotations describe visual characteristics of relevant objects, tracking them as they move through the scene.

The MPEG-7 meta-data annotations obtained are useful in forensic activities as well. Video recorded from surveillance cameras has proven to be an effective investigative tool. However, searching the massive amount of video recorded from surveillance cameras is often a daunting task. With Eptascape's solution MPEG-7 meta-data can be used to index video in an XML database for further search and retrieval using templates or other textual descriptions of the objects of interest.

"Eptascape is breaking new ground, refocusing surveillance away from individuals on to aberrant behavior or events," said Marco Graziano, founder, president and CEO of Eptascape. "Our technology keeps up with the values of an open society while increasing the effectiveness of surveillance for any camera, network or video monitoring application. We welcome collaborating with the industry."

Eptascape's embedded system package (4.5 inches square) will be available in April 2006 priced at $1800/per camera adaptation, complete with event management software. Eptascape is actively pursuing partnerships for the marketing of its products and consulting services worldwide.

Eptascape designs and markets video analysis and behavior recognition products that enable cost-effective CCTV systems used today to monitor secure locations. Eptascape markets its products and consulting services to the security industry world-wide. Founded in 2005, Eptascape is privately held and based in Mountain View, California.