Premier Electronics Releases High Resolution B/W Board Camera

March 31, 2006
1/3-inch CCD B/W camera is designed for small space applications, low light

The new PC375 1/3-inch CCD high-resolution black & white board camera has been designed to provide high quality video pictures and excellent reliability.

The high-resolution 520TVL is coupled with a full range of glass lenses removing the problems associated with plastic versions. Three lines of QA ensure that every board PCB camera is verified individually to keep working for the lifetime of the camera. The camera is on a board measuring 42mmx42mm and weighs just 15g making it suitable for small space applications. The PC375 offers external synchronization as well as internal allowing multiple cameras to run together. Sensitivity is down to 0.2 lux or less and the electronic iris ensures that it can deal with difficult lighting conditions automatically. The camera draws just 120mA max from a 12-volt supply.

This 1/3-inch board camera pack a punch way above it's size and offers the flexibility and controllability to meet applications in a broad range of industry.

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